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We understand how important it is for you to know what is going on with your pool. We provide a detailed sign-in log on each property so you can see at a quick glance when your pool was serviced and what was done. We also provide email updates periodically to inform you of new products or services or current issues that pertain to your pool. All extra services will need to be approved by you to make sure there are never any surprises on your bill.


Each service tech. that works at Precision Aquatics has completed an intensive training program. They have gone through manufacturer training and have completed various industry specific training courses. We hold our service techs to the highest expectations of quality.


We are always there for you. We understand you have trusted us to take care of your pool and we wont let you down. We are here to provide a "peace of mind" for you that no matter where your busy schedule takes you, you will have a clean pool and spa to return home to.


In this day in age, we all are looking for the best value. Precision Aquatics is always going to offer an extremely competitive rate without ever sacrificing the quality of service. We constantly perform market surveys to ensure our prices are low.

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Precision Aquatics has 12 years experience working with commercial pools, spas, and fountains. We provide service for resorts, HOAs, apartment complexes, hotels, mobile home parks etc.

We have a California State Contractors License (#962409) and are fully insured and bonded.

It is very important to us that we provide a high quality service at a very competitive rate.

We frequently conduct market surveys to ensure our prices are low.

There is a very comprehensive quality check program in place to make sure all Precision Aquatics employees are providing the high quality service promised.

Contact us today to receive a no cost, no obligation quote for any service or repairs your property may need.

We also will provide you with a custom energy audit so you can see exactly how much money you are currently spending running your pool equipment and how much money you could be spending using Precision Aquatics energy efficient solutions.

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Don't forget your fountain!! Fountains and water features need serviced in a manner very similar to pools and spas. Don't let your fountain go green, call us today!

NSPF Certified
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